DeskShade Plus 1.0.1

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Date: Wednesday, September 25th, 2002, 09:00
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MacRabbit’s DeskShade Plus can be the answer to a Mac users boring and cluttered desktop. It provides enough features at an affordable price to spice up even the most boring computer.


  • Feature that lets you cover the desktop is great for hiding icons quickly.
  • Desktop locking allows you to display a text message, which is useful for telling people where you are or what you are doing so someone does not shut off your computer while you are away.
  • Desktop locking allows a blank password in case you just want to leave a note.
  • Automatically refreshing the desktop wallpaper allows a user to work on the wallpaper without having to manually go and change it.
  • Desktop movie allows a user to watch a movie in the background without having a window open. This is a great feature for re-watching movies!


  • Color menu bar icon doesn’t match Apple’s black and white icons.
  • The only way to lock the screen is by putting in a password and a message. (Author’s Suggestion: It would be extremely useful to be able to have 2 hotkeys- one for instant lock with a preset or no message and one that asks for a password/message.
  • DeskShade Plus at this time does not use system passwords for locking (which could be a great feature).

Overall, this is a very useful application. Screen locking should have been built into OS X but since it is not this is about the best program for the job. Deskmovie is mostly a novelty and isn’t very useful for watching a movie unless you have seen it already or are not concerned if you miss parts of it. Finally, DeskShade is limited in its uses and can be viewed more as a novelty application then a necessary tool for your every day workflow. Nevertheless, it is an awesome tool, so at least give it a spin-around!

DeskShade Plus (direct OS X download)

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