First iPad Case unboxing photos surface

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Date: Wednesday, April 7th, 2010, 03:12
Category: Accessory, iPad

About 72 hours after the launch of the iPad, early adopters who pre-ordered the tablet have begun to receive the first deliveries of the iPad Case with unboxing photos beginning to surface online

The case itself, which retails for US$49, is made of a rubberized exterior and soft microfiber interior and folds tight like a hardcover book once the iPad is slipped into its snug frame and a piece of microfiber tucked underneath its left-side binding. Per AppleInsider, the unit can also act as a stand that holds iPad at an ideal angle for watching videos and slideshows or for typing on the onscreen keyboard.

Take a gander and remember that the full photo gallery can be found here:

Expect a full iPad case review in just a bit and if you’ve had a chance to play around with one on your own, please let us know what you think in the comments.

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3 Responses to “First iPad Case unboxing photos surface”

  1. I bought this case with little more than a quick glance at other offerings. I like its simplicity, snug fit and overall Apple-ness. In my opinion, it is overpriced by about $10-15, but that's part of Apple.

    I'll be keeping my eyes open on other cases coming to the market, but I am pretty content at the moment.

  2. I received my cover a few hours after the iPad on Saturday. I mostly like it, but it does almost double the weight (or at least it feels like it when I hold it for long periods.) I collects dust all around the front inside edge and since it's black like the screen, it really shows up. I do like the adjustment flap on the back to convert it into a video player, or on the lap it slants the screen at a better angle for typing.

  3. I got the case with my iPad when I picked it up from the Apple store on launch day where they had pegs full of them for sale. Been using it since. Its really nice. I love using the iPad without a case because it keeps true to the minimalistic design and usability of an iPad but a something that I simply flip open and go is great. It costs a bit much for the materials but it fits my iPad like a glove. And I love the Apple logo on the front, of course!