Generation Gap: Original and 1GHz TiBook Compared

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Date: Friday, December 13th, 2002, 13:13
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I just replaced my original TiBook 500 MHz with the new 1GHz TiBook. I would like to make a couple of observations which haven’t been commented on (that I have seen):

Screen Quality: can only be described as awesome. I did a side by side visual test. The screen is at least twice as bright as the original TiBook. I am told by a friend at Apple that the new screen is made from the same glass as the 23″ Apple monitor.

Cooling System: the fan is much quieter than the original TiBook. There are fewer cooling vents as compared to my original TiBook (no vents rear bottom), yet [the new model] seems to run cooler. My same Apple friend told me that it is now liquid cooled. [Ed: I was never bothered by fan noise on the original machine, but this is interesting. Anyone able to comment on whether the liquid cooling tip is accurate? -PK]

Reset button — is no longer located on the on the back of the TiBook but is located under the keyboard. This is explained in an Apple TIL. [Yeah, I kind of wish they hadn’t done that!Thanks for the tips, Jim — the screen quality improvement is really a significant variable to consider for people thinking about upgrade to a new PB G4. I’ll be running my 22 month-old 400 for some time to come, however! -PK]

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