iBook Batteries: Opaque vs. Crystal White

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Date: Friday, November 8th, 2002, 02:00
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Have you taken a close look at the iBook battery options? Previously the 12.1-inch model used battery M8626G/A, now there are two new batteries. The 700MHz (CD-ROM) uses battery M8956G/A “opaque white” and the 800MHz (Combo drive) uses battery M8433G/A “crystal white.”

The crystal white batteries are “compatible only with crystal-white,12.1-inch iBooks having two USB ports (announced on or after 5/1/2001).”, but the opaque white battery is “compatible only with new opaque-white,12.1″ iBooks having two USB ports, CD-ROM, and 700MHz PPC G3 processor. (announced on or after 11/6/2002).”

What’s up? Is the 700MHz in a different case? If so what’s different, and why?

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