Mozilla releases Firefox 7.0 update

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Date: Monday, September 26th, 2011, 10:07
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On Monday, released version 7.0 of its Firefox web browser. The new version stands as an 28.2 megabyte download offered the following fixes and changes:

– Drastically improved memory use.

– Added a new rendering backend to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems.

– Bookmark and password changes now sync almost instantly when using Firefox Sync.

– Added support for text-overflow: ellipsis.

– Added support for the Web Timing specification.

– Added an opt-in system for users to send performance data back to Mozilla to improve future versions of Firefox. This can be enabled by installing an add-on.

– Fixed several stability issues.

Firefox 7.0 requires an Intel-based Mac and Mac OS X 10.5 or later to install and run.

If you’ve tried the new version and have any feedback, let us know.

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One Response to “Mozilla releases Firefox 7.0 update”

  1. The software nowadays becomes bigger and bigger and use more and more memory, I remember the first firefox version I used only about 7M, but now….
    It’s a bad news for the users like me who still uses old computer. Maybe I should use some other browsers which are small but full of build-in features. I’m not a Plugin lovers, some build-in features are enough. I plan to try Avant browser or chrome till now.