MWNY02: Keynotes: Apple Announces 17-inch iMac

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Date: Wednesday, July 17th, 2002, 11:18
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New York — 9:04am EDT kickoff

Debut of new apple commercials:

  • 1. girl: i lost half my paper
  • 2. music makes me feel, i dunno, powerful
  • 3. will farrell – all you can do with a parfait it eat it – “my name is will farrell and i am a porn actor”

SJ takes the stage

1.7M unique visitors to switch web site – 60% windows users
New “Move to Mac” software – for PCs to transfer data to a Mac. US$59
Response to “switch” has been off the charts

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New York -- Stream of consciousness notes from theSteve Jobs keynote address at Macworld Expo NY 2002. This is still unedited and raw and postedin the interest of time.904am debut of new apple commercials:1. girl: i lost half my paper2. music makes me feel, i dunno, powerful3. will farrell - all you can do with a parfait it eat it"my name is will farrell and i am a porn actor"SJ takes the stage1.7M unique visitors to switch web site - 60% windowsMove to Mac software - for PCs to transfer to a Mac. US$59response has been off the chartsretail stores31 stores, 100,000 visitors per weekthis macworld is the largest trade show on the east coastlike 100 macworlds per year, 5M visitors per yearbest buying experience in the worldApple SoHo is the 32nd store tomorrowprince and green street - former post office "station a"2 genius barsopens tomorrow at 8amMac OS X2.5M active users of Mac OS Xadd next two quarters, double that to 5Min Jan, shipped to Mac OS X on boot77% of people opt to keep Mac OS X as default OS0-20% in 24 months - fastest OS adoption in the worldApplications: 3500 todaynew ones being announced at MW:Maya 4.5 on Mac first (25% of their business is Mac)Blizzard Warcraft IIIAdobe Photoshop Elements > iPhoto and backReal networks - Rob Glaser download RealPlayer for OS X todayJaguar 10.2Officially announced todqaqy150 new featuresApple is the #1 UNIX supplier in the worldSMB browsing, active directory supportenhancements to the finder: multi-threadedmulti-threaded finderspring-loaded foldersintegrated searchPhil Schiller is doing a Jag demo of the abovenew desktop picture option allows you to slide show through desktop picturesQuickTime 6built into "Jag-wire" according to SJthe first MPEG4 solutionMPEG4 has the best audio codec in the world AAC (by dolby)instant-on streaming50,000 people watching the quicktime streamhalf are trying the new QT6 with MPEG4Phil Schiller does a side-by-side demos of QT6audio side by side demo; AIFF vs. AAC (1/10 the data rate of AIFF, 1/10 the sizeMichelle Branch tune sounds almost as good as the larger filenext demo; MPEG2 (6Mb/sec) vs. MPEG4 (1/3 the data rate) Vanessa songinstant-on streaming: MPEG4/AAC Sheryl Crow "soak up the sun" videoSherlock 3completely re-written to evolve channels into internet servicesSherlock 3 demo: stocks, movies, times, trailer, movie poster, buy tickets, auctions, yellow pages (sushi)comments: how long until they add banners?internet services for the rest of usInkwellhandwriting recognition from the newton teamwrite in any application without trainingRendezvousallows us to automatically connect to any device over IP without configurationSteve is playing a song from Phil's iTunes music librarystreaming the music over airport	totally open standardprinters: epson, hp, lexmark all adopted rendezvous, building it into their network printersdemos a prototype hp printerdramatically improved mail: search all mail boxesjunk mail filterJaguar, Mac OS 10.2shipping August 24, 5 weeks from nowJaguar will be US$129or US$20 shipping and handling for current machine ownerscomment: where are the folder labels??iChat via rendezvous in a new windowiToolsThe world is changing: idrive and the free drive companies have gone out of business, yahoo is charging for POP mail$99 annual subscription, $49 offer for existing subscribersSept 30, iTools will switch to .Mac (dot Mac)iCalnew subscription-based calendar serviceone touch publishing to the Websubscribe to other people's calendarsadd your personal, kids and macworld calendars (overlapping colors)publishes changes on the web automaticallysomeone can ichat you an IM with a calendar invitation (which you can subscribe to)you have to be able to see multiple calendarsone button publish and subscribeiCal runs on Jag, ships in september, free downloadThe Digital HubiPhoto, iTunes/iPod got Apple a grammy awardcomment: iPhoto needs nested rolls and a better folder structuredistributed 14M copiesiTunes 3 announced today:new ways to talk about music: ratings, play countssound check feature = all songs playback at the same volumesupport for (robin williams interviews are awesome)smart playlists: set them up with rulesmy top musicrecently playedTop 25 most playedcomment: but will it cross-fade your itunes-burned CDs?comment: how come the icon wasn't updated to a 3?comment: it needs nested playlists"preview" of iTunes 3, available todayfree downloadiPod5GB for US$299 20mm10Gb US$399 18mm10% thinnersolid state scroll wheel. it feels like glassadded: firewire door and a remote (volume, play/pause) and a casebundled with 10 GB iPod20GB iPod US$499 21mmnew software:added genre and composer, play counts download from ipod, uploaded to itunessmart playlists, sound check to round trip bookmarking itunes>ipod>itunesnew menu structurebrowse menuextras: contacts, calendar (new), clock, gamesshipping early AugustUS$39 for case or headphonesOne more (little) thingipod for Windowsmusicmatch syncing in windowssame models, same prices6pin to 4pin PW cableexistinglandmark, ground-breaking app: iSyncApple joined SyncML groupnew generation of cell phonesadd phone and palmsync calendar and address book to phoneenter data on a full size keyboardKatsumi Ihara president of Sony Ericsson"just the first example of what we will be able to dothe third part of the equation is GPRScingular wireless CEO Stephen Carter"wireless is not about voice anymore"GPRS will be enhanced to EDGE in the futurethe third factor is the "who gives a damn factor" is applicationswhen steve called about this application we got really excitedbased on open standardsadding the phone to the digital hubsynch at work and home with .mac.mac syncing in iSync "mac to mobile"available in september, free download at mac.comone more thing...50% have superdrives1899 lowered to 1799new 17-inch landscape iMac1440*900 64% more pixelsnVIDIA GeForce4800MHz G4, 256, 80 GB US$1999outro music: the grateful dead's ripple.end 11:00 AM ET##

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