Palladium Consumer Oppression Scheme: Trust Microsoft?

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Date: Monday, July 8th, 2002, 12:00
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Here is the round up on Microsoft’s latest world domination plan, a secure operating system called “Palladium.” (This C|Net article is a recommended primer on Palladium and Trustworthy Computing.)

Microsoft’s notions of “security” and “trust” are obviously one-sided, and such a system would certainly be used to squash fair use and first sale rights. Moreover, mono-culture is bad policy for computer security; damage will be widespread when the system is inevitably compromised. The Internet is our public common, but in this scheme Microsoft would be the sole gatekeeper. Free software can protect you from such outrages, because the source code is anchored to the commons for all to see. Use free software instead of Microsoft products.

GNU-Darwin free software recommendations. All of this software is available for Apple computers and Intel PCs, from The GNU-Darwin Distribution.

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