Peter Frampton Plays a PowerBook G4

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Date: Sunday, July 6th, 2003, 22:16
Category: PowerBook G4, Sighting

Peter Frampton shown with his favorite things…a John Lennon Doll and his PBG4.

The Sunday edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer featured an in depth article about Peter Frampton, who now resides in Indian Hill, a suburb of Cincinnati. Frampton is pictured on the front page of the ‘Tempo’ section sitting with a G4 PowerBook! There are other photos online where his PowerBook is clearly visible. The best one is a photo of his favorite things…an baseball autographed by the 2001 Yankees, a John Lennon doll, and they are both sitting on his G4.
The Frampton article can be found here. A mini Photo album which has the G4 photos, can also be found here as well as linked from the main article.

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