Steve Jobs Files Apple's SEC Sworn Statement Early

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Date: Wednesday, August 14th, 2002, 12:26
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Late last June, in response to the recent spate of financial treachery by some corporations, the SEC mandated that 947 US corporations submit sworn statements from their CEOs and CFOs attesting to the accuracy of their financial reports. The rationale behind the move was to attempt to restore investor confidence in the integrity of corporations by requiring CEOs and CFOs to put themselves on the line. All of the corporations under the directive have annual revenue of at least USD 1.2 billion and they had until today to submit their statements. According to the SEC, CEOs and/or CFOs who falsely certify their reports could face prosecution and prison terms.

Apple submitted its filing a week before the deadline and Steve Jobs’ sworn statement can be downloaded (along with a complete list of the corporations) either from the SEC’ s site (it was loading very slowly last I checked) or just “Steve’s” from my iDisk Public Folder.

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