Story of a Reverse Switcher

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Date: Thursday, August 8th, 2002, 12:00
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First of all, let me just say that before last month, I was a hardcore Mac user since about 1989 and I’ve gone through about 6 Macs. Last month, however, one of my friends “properly” introduced me to PCs. Before that, I admit that I was completely faithful to Apple and blindly loathed Windows PCs, etc. I guess because I invested more money than I care to talk about in Mac hardware and software and I spent an absurd amount of time learning Mac programming and other Mac specific stuff, all of a sudden admitting “PCs are better” would also be admitting that I wasted so much. Don’t look at it that way though. There is absolutely no logical reason why you can’t have an eMac sitting on a desk with a PC (unless it’s a small desk or something, but you get the point :P)

I’m not writing this post to start a massive flame war (unfortunately that’s probably inevitable) but rather to inform all of you about how “the dark side” isn’t so dark and it is really worth checking out. As I said earlier, you don’t have to completely “convert” but there are no laws that say you can’t have a PC in addition to your Mac. I know that computers are an important part of your lifestyles and I honestly believe that you’re missing out on a lot by limiting yourself to Macs only. Obviously this post won’t apply to everyone, but I sure wish that I was exposed to a post like this 5 or so years ago. Hopefully it will clear up a few things for at least a few people.

Read the whole story HERE at MacHelpNet.

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