Toshiba Notebook Lawsuit

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Date: Friday, August 9th, 2002, 00:00
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At C|Net, there’s an article on a class-action lawsuit against Toshiba for their overheating notebooks.

I’ve never personally tried these notebooks, but I can’t imagine that it’s hotter than my PowerBook G4 667MHz. There’ve been times when I’ve burned my legs that left marks for a week or two. and I used to just leave my notebook on top of my bed (I don’t use my desk) or on my pillow and I had to stop because I was afraid it might start a fire (the pillow or sheets would be left incredibly hot). now I put it on top of a little plastic box. in any case, maybe there’s some of us that have the same problem want to take it up with Apple as well? The only explanation we get is, “computers get hot”. As Cosmo Kramer said in reply to, “it’s coffee! it’s supposed to be hot!” … “not that hot”.

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