Xserve vs. Power Mac vs. Pentium vs. Athlon

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Date: Monday, August 12th, 2002, 13:16
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Even more relevant with the introduction of Apple’s new G4 towers, which borrows heavily from improvements in the XServe, here are some examinations of performance issues of Xserve’s architecture versus the PC. From our friends at Barefeats.com, but feel free to go to town with comments and let us know your two cents (or US$2995, as the case may be.)

8/10/02 — Solo 1GHz Xserve versus Dual 1GHz Xserve versus Dual 1GHz Power Mac: Does DDR really make the Xserve the fastest?

8/9/02 Update — Xserve G4/1000MP has been added to the Pentium 4 versus Athlon XP/MP versus G4 Power Macintosh shootout.

8/9/02 Update — FireWire RAID Revisited or “Why You Need Two FireWire Channels.” (Featuring the NEW Granite Digital FireVUE Hot Swap case kits.)

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