Matias offers wired Mac keyboard following Apple’s discontinuation of product

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Date: Thursday, January 11th, 2018, 03:53
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Much to a number of users’ chagrin, Apple discontinued its wired keyboard last June, introducing a new version of the Magic Keyboard with a number pad to take its place. Where Apple left its market open, Matias has introduced a wired keyboard similar to Apple’s discontinued model with RGB backlighting.

Matias’ keyboards feature an extremely similar look and feel to Apple’s designs, the keys and materials all near-replicas of Apple’s keyboard. The only notable addition is a slider on the back that allows users to rotate through a variety of colors, and a function key that lets you adjust brightness by holding it down and pressing a number on the keypad.

Matias presently offers a white-and-silver model as well as a space gray version. For Windows users, there’s also an entirely black aluminum version with Windows function keys.

Not surprisingly, Matias sells both a wired and wireless version of its keyboards. The new RGB wired keyboard is available today for $99 in both Mac and PC versions.

Via The Verge

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  1. I have one of their aluminum wired keyboards and it looks and types great.

    However it has a flaw, it does not work when you attempt any of the startup key combinations (i.e. option key or command-R).

    I have contacted Mattias regarding this problem, but have not heard back from them yet.

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