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Date: Thursday, September 26th, 2002, 09:00
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The PPUG meeting held this past Saturday at the Manayunk Brewing Company was well attended and marks the beginning of regular quarterly meetings for the group. Jason O’Grady was on hand and engaged in a frank discussion of OS X performance and demonstrated Apple’s forthcoming iSync application and Bluetooth connectivity hardware. Bob Snow demonstrated some favorite OS X software picks:

MacJournal – A full featured notepad for OS X with the added benefit of a second level of organization for dated journal entries. This program also allows the user to select the storage location of the data file for easy backup.

Phone Dialler – A quick way to use the Apple address book as a speed dialer. The developer incorporated a large number of my suggestions and I donated a childhood photo for the application’s icon!

PTHClock – A menu bar clock replacement with a drop down calendar. Lets you mouse over the time to quickly show the date.

PickChar – Released before PopChar was ready for OS X allows you to select special characters from a menu item.

PiPop – Great utility for accessing data and applications. I have my dock set to pop up at the bottom of the screen and PiPop hierarchical menus set to pop up on the right hand side of the screen. Very customizable access to all your data.

Smell-o-Mints – Beautiful OS X periodic table.

ArchCalc – Foot/inch calculator for OS X.

Homeland Alert – Places an indicator in the menu bar that registers the current official level of threat to national security. Useless but funny!

A new meeting date was set and the tentative schedule for the next year looks like this:

  • 7 December 2002
  • 15 March 2003
  • 21 June 2003
  • 20 September 2003

iCal subscription link: webcal://ical.mac.com/rsnow/PPUG32meetings.ics.

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