CompUSA Offers Closeout Deals

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Date: Monday, March 5th, 2007, 08:33
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Via, CompUSA, which recently announced that it would be closing more than half of its U.S. and Puerto Rico locations, has posted a number of discount prices on its web site.
Perhaps the most interesting is this one, wherein the chain is offering a white MacBook laptop with a 2 GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 512 megabytes of RAM, a 60 gigabyte hard drive, 13.3″ display and 4X DVD+/-RW SuperDrive for US$699.98.
There’s no guarantee as to how long this will be in stock, but a bargain is a bargain.
CompUSA’s closing come out of a larger effort by its parent company to reconsolidate and control costs while taking on a large cash infusion. No specific details have been given as to exactly which locations will close.
If you’ve seen or heard of a similar deal, let us know.


Why Apple’s AirPort “Extreme” is No Substitute for the AirPort Express…

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Date: Monday, March 5th, 2007, 08:00
Category: Opinion

Contributed by Michael Long
While browsing around at my local Apple store I happened to see one of Apple’s new AirPort Extremes sitting on a shelf. Needless to say, I whipped out my credit card and snapped it up.
Why? Mostly for the USB disk drive sharing. I use a 17″ Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro as my primary computer, and I’m forever dragging a hard drive out of the closet and plugging it in my computer to do backups, then unplugging it and putting it away again. As such, being able to schedule automated wireless backups–and at 802.11n speeds–sounded like just the ticket. Not to mention that I’d be set for Leopard and Time Machine when they’re released this spring.
I’m no stranger to wireless networking. In fact, I already had an Airport Express in my office and used it as a wireless substation, as my primary printer connection, and even had a set of “Creature” speakers plugged into it for streaming my ‘tunes. With everything plugged into the Express, the only wire sneaking across my desk was the notebook’s MagSafe power cord. I even had a wireless Bluetooth Mighty Mouse. Life in Apple-land was sweet, clean, and uncluttered. Dock? Who needs a dock?
Now, some of you already may have picked up on the problem but I, unfortunately, was still oblivious. I unplugged my Express, plugged in the new Extreme, plugged in a USB hub so I could use both the hard drive and the printer, and then started to plug in my speakers…
Only to find out that the AirPort “Extreme” doesn’t have a mini-phone jack for audio. Power, USB, WAN, LAN, that little slot you use to make sure someone doesn’t steal it… but no headphone jack.
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MacBook Wi-Fi Hack Details Released

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Date: Monday, March 5th, 2007, 07:22
Category: News

David Maynor, the hacker who unveiled a security hold in the Mac OS X 10.4.6 operating system and the MacBook laptop last summer, offered an apology for what he considered mistakes he had made and offered a live demonstration of the MacBook Wi-Fi vulnerability as a Black Hat DC event last month.
Maynor also offered to release e-mail exchanges, crash/panic logs, loose notes and the exploit code used in the hack, which allowed third party code to be run over the wireless connection, as a means of clearing is name.
Last summer, Maynor released a find that he had discovered a security hole in Mac OS X 10.4.6 and the then-current version of Apple’s AirPort drivers that would allow third party code to be run. The hack was proven to work, but became controversial when a third party wireless card and third party drivers were involved with the exploit. Maynor later brought up that Apple never credited him, his co-presenter Jon “Johnny Cache” Ellch or his previous employer, SecureWorks with the find according to an entry on ZDNet’s Zero Day security blog.
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Apple Releases Backup 3.1.1 Update

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Date: Friday, March 2nd, 2007, 14:24
Category: News

For the .Mac subscribers out there, Apple has released version 3.1.1 of its Backup utility program. This program, a 5.5 megabyte download, allows users to back up important files remotely to a .Mac server or locally to hard drives, CDs, DVDs and flash drives.
The new version provides fixes for backup and restoration to external drives, improved memory management and better restoration of bundled file types.
The update can also be found via the Software Update feature if the user is already a .Mac subscriber.
.Mac subscriptions retail for US$99.95 per year and Apple’s Backup program requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 to run under Mac OS X 10.3 (“Panther”) and Mac OS X 10.4.2 (“Tiger”).
If you’ve had any positive or negative experiences with the new version of Backup, let us know.


Poll: Your 2007 Apple Shopping List

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Date: Friday, March 2nd, 2007, 14:16
Category: Poll

Between the iPhone, rumors of a thin MacBook Pro and Intel’s Core 2 Quad processor finding its way into new computers, 2007 is shaping up to be a promising year for Apple’s gadgets and we here at the PowerPage were wondering what item or items would probably find their way onto your shopping list.

Which of Apple’s Upcoming/Rumored 2007 Products Do You Plan to Buy?
Apple TV
12″ MacBook Pro
Core 2 Quad-Powered Mac Mini
Upgraded Mac Pro
Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard”
Upgraded iMac
Widescreen iPod
802.11n AirPort Extreme


Adobe to Release Free Online Version of Photoshop

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Date: Friday, March 2nd, 2007, 09:03
Category: News

On Thursday, Adobe announced that it will release a free, online version of Photoshop within the next six months. The version will be a bare bones variant of the program’s full version according to an article on
Though unconventional, the move is part of a larger effort to draw users toward the program, enticing them to purchase the full packaged version as well as to lure online advertising dollars.
Last month, Adobe announced an upcoming partnership with online image and video hosting site Photobucket to provide free access to its online version of Photoshop to the site’s 35 million strong user base.
The firm has also announced that it will announce similar partnerships with other Internet-based companies in the coming months to attract additional users towards Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop CS2, the current version, currently retails for US$649 for a full copy and US$169 for an upgrade version of the program.
Stay tuned for further news on this when Adobe launches the site.


VMWare Releases Beta 2 of Fusion

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Date: Friday, March 2nd, 2007, 08:22
Category: News

On Friday, hot on the heels of Parallels’ 2.5 update of Desktop for Mac, VMWare released a second beta of its Fusion virtualization program for the Macintosh.
The new beta incorporates the following changes:
-Experimental 3-D graphics support – Play a selection of DirectX 8.1 games in Windows XP Service Pack 2 virtual machines.
-Snapshot feature – Roll back your virtual machine to a known good state when something goes wrong in your virtual machine—for example, when your virtual machine picks up a virus, or when a software upgrade causes problems.
-Improved networking – Automatically bridge to the computer’s primary network interface.
-Full support for Airport wireless networking, including virtual machines behind a NAT firewall and bridged to the local Airport network.
-Support for up to ten virtual network interfaces.
-Improved Microsoft Vista support – Support for Microsoft Vista Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.
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JAJAH to Offer VoIP Support for iPhone

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Date: Friday, March 2nd, 2007, 08:57
Category: News

Voice over Internet Protocol provider JAJAH has announced support for Apple’s upcoming iPhone via a blog entry on the company’s web site, as mentioned on and MacDailyNews:
We are announcing today that we are going to support the iPhone as soon as it becomes available in June 2007.
Like the rest of the known planet, we just watched Steve Job’s introduction of the Apple iPhone. The JAJAH office is buzzing with excitement. It might be one of the most beautiful products ever created. And if you are in the business of bringing mobile VoIP to everyday people like we are, this is exciting news.
It’s not every day that someone changes the landscape of an industry with a single product announcement, but Apple has become known for it. The iPhone promises to change the way we think of mobile computing and communication the same way the iPod changed the way we think about music.
We are going to bring JAJAH Mobile to the iPhone as soon as it becomes available. iPhone users will be able to make free or very low cost global JAJAH calls with a single click, without a special download, other equipment, wi-fi or broadband access. You’ll just need to be a registered JAJAH user – and registration is free.
If you’re a JAJAH fan, you already know we have an Mac Address Book Plugin and JAJAH user, Greg Smithies has recently pulled together a Mac OS X JAJAH Widget. The iPhone solution will further extend our commitment to the Mac community.
Many of us at JAJAH are long-time Mac fans and we couldn’t be happier that Apple is bringing their design and innovations to the world of telephony.
Thanks Apple, and welcome to the world of Voice 2.0.
Like the current JAJAH system, iPhone users should be able to point a browser to, log in (registration is free) and begin a VoIP-based phone call.
If you have any thoughts on this, let us know.


Sony Releases MP3 Video Walkman

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Date: Thursday, March 1st, 2007, 15:21
Category: News

On Thursday, Sony launched its A800 series of portable music and video player, also known as the “MP3 Video Walkman”. The player, considered the world’s lightest video player by the company, is a Flash-memory-based device that measures 0.36″ in thickness yet uses a 2″ screen.
The MP3 Video Walkman, considered a direct competitor to Apple’s iPod Nano, supports full MPEG-4 and H.264 playback and boasts a 30 hour battery life for continuous music playback and eight hour battery life for video playback. The device also handles a wide range of audio formats including AAC, MP3, WMA and Sony’s proprietary ATRAC standard according to MacNN.
Sony has stated that the MP3 Video Walkman will be available in Europe this April and be available for slightly more than Apple’s iPod Nano. The unit’s two and four gigabyte models will be available in black, blue, pink and white while the high end eight gigabyte model will be available in black and white. The units will be priced at 120, 150 and 200 British pounds respectively.
A final date for a U.S. launch has yet to be announced.


CompUSA to Close More Than Half of U.S., Puerto Rico Locations

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Date: Thursday, March 1st, 2007, 09:40
Category: News

Nationwide retailer CompUSA has announced that it will close more than half of its brick and mortar computer and eletronics stores in the next two to three months.
In a statement issued Tuesday, the chain stated that it would shutter 126 of its 225 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico as part of a massive restructing effort unveiled last Friday according to Macworld News. The consolidation will accompany a US$400 million cash infusion as well as other expense reductions. CompUSA has not declared the source of the cash infusion.
“Based on changing conditions in the consumer retail electronics market, the company identified the need to close and sell stores with low performance or nonstrategic, old store layouts and locations faced with market saturation,” Roman Ross, CompUSA’s CEO, said in a statement.
The chain is currently controlls by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu’s Grupo Carso SA conglomerate, which took control of and privatized the computer chain back in 2000.
Retail may be facing hard times in general as rival Circuit City has announced that it will close eight of their stores in the United States as well as 62 locations in Canada. Tight profit margins were to blame, the company specifying this issue especially where flat-panel televisions were concerned.